The Integrated Athletic Iniative


Our athletes from all over New York City gathered at the vibrant & modern Lifetime Sky Gym in the heart of Time Square to practice their basketball skills like the pros. From fast-paced games to exciting drills, they played like true pros, learning valuable lessons on and off the court. Laughter, cheers, and the sound of sneakers squeaking filled the air as aspiring athletes showcased their passion and love for the game!


These BWC Sports Leagues brought together incredible young athletes with special needs for an unforgettable tournament play! Throughout the year, our young adults participated in over four action-packed sports leagues where participants showcased their basketball, soccer, and bowling talents and skills! The event celebrated their unique abilities, highlighting their determination, sportsmanship, teamwork, and social skills. Smiles and cheers filled the venue as these remarkable kids demonstrated that sports have no boundaries!


The Golf Experience took the green to a “hole” new level! Teaming up with inner-city schools, we brought the joy of golf to students through innovative virtual lessons at the state-of-the-art Dollar Bill Divot Club. They learned the fundamentals using state-of-the-art technology, practiced their swings, and honed their putting skills on a virtual screen. This engaging and accessible approach introduced a new generation to the world of golf, opening doors to a sport that fosters focus, precision, and a love for the great green!


Empowering girls through physical activities and fostering teamwork; the My Sister’s Keeper Team Building Event created a vibrant atmosphere of camaraderie and support. Girls of all backgrounds joined forces in a series of thrilling challenges, building trust and strengthening their bonds. Through exhilarating games, sports, and collaborative exercises, they learned the power of unity and the value of uplifting one another. This event exemplified the strength and resilience that arises when girls come together as a team!


The Martin Luther King Day Biddy Bash captured the essence of joy and inclusion as it welcomed kindergarten and 1st-grade basketball enthusiasts to a memorable tournament. The pint-sized players showcased their budding skills, displaying their passion for the game while honoring Dr. King’s message of equality and unity. Excitement filled the air as parents and supporters cheered on these young athletes, celebrating their early accomplishments and fostering a love for sportsmanship from an early age!


At the majestic Staten Island University Hospital Community Park (home of the Ferry Hawks), participants came together to break the Guinness world record for the largest human puzzle piece. People from all walks of life, young and old, teachers and students, Special needs and regularly abled, connected, and interlocked, symbolizing the importance of acceptance and understanding. This awe-inspiring display showcased our community’s commitment to inclusivity and support for individuals with autism. 


This spectacular event in New Jersey was dedicated to raising awareness for autism! From thrilling rides to colorful games and delicious treats, the carnival brought smiles and laughter to all attendees. Families and friends enjoyed a fun-filled day, bonding over exciting activities while championing the cause of autism awareness. The vibrant atmosphere and unity made this carnival an unforgettable celebration of diversity and acceptance.