The Integrated Athletic Iniative




If you have any further questions or concerns about our facility, please fill out the form listed below. Somebody from our team will reach out to you. Thank you for your inquiry!


Why are youth sports important?

Sports are an amazing vehicle for youth to gain various character development opportunities, create lifetime social circles and learn to work within a team. It’s an extremely beneficial environment with positive role models like coaches and managers. Last but not least mental, physical and emotional strength can all be attributed to youth sports.

How does the initiative benefit the community?

Our team is dedicated to providing Quality Sports Instruction,Teams, Events and Leagues that bridges the gap between underprivileged, special needs, and mainstream youth and young adults. Our programs helps facilitate the building of sport skills, confidence, self-esteem, and sportsmanship, while meeting the specific needs of each individual.

How may I donate to the Integrated Athletic initiative?

You can donate to the initiative by emailing [email protected] or calling (347-232-7067)

What is my donation specifically allotted towards?

Each donation is used to fund various sports programs. Donations go towards sponsoring teams, equipment, players, after school/weekend sports programs and a multitude of competitive and non-competitive sporting leagues. 

Is my donation tax deductible? Do I get a receipt?

The Integrated Athletic Initiative is 501(c)(3) organization meaning that all donations are tax deductible when filing taxes. After processing your donation you will receive a receipt detailing your transaction.  

Can I donate in honor or memory of someone?Will you send a tribute card to the recipient?

You can absolutely donate on the behalf of someone or in memory of any individual of your choice. A tribute card will be sent to the recipient as soon as possible or at the time of your request. 

Can I make a specific pledge? (Donate (x) amount over a specific period of time?)

Contact us for more information about a specific pledge. 

How can I get involved/Volunteer? 

We are constantly putting together events to benefit and bring together our community. In addition to time and manpower, we are always looking for resources to put on the best events possible. If you would like pitch in, please submit the contact form in our volunteer section of the IAI website.

What are the main obstacles that stand between you and your mission, and how do you plan to overcome them?

Our goal at the Initiative is to provide Quality Sports Instruction,Teams, Events and Leagues to all youth regardless of their circumstances. Some of the main obstacles that stand between us and that mission are lack of awareness, funding and overall quality coaching to replicate success to numerous individuals. We plan to overcome this by allocating donations to fund youths sports, drive awareness and support and obtain quality coaches to replicate past successes. 

How will you keep supporters up to date on your work?

Our team at the the Integrated Athletic Initiative will send email updates to supporters detailing new events and programs.